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Months of Travel: January,March,April,May,June,July,August,September,December

Year Initiated: 2006

Total Yearly Outreach Participants: 1000

Matriculants per class: 20

Medical School Involvement:

Other participating professional schools:

We currently work with 142 undergrad medical and dental programs

Faculty and staffing:

We have roughly 120 staff in 6 countries. Approximately 30 of which are doctors.

Application process:

We have an online application.

Program elements:

Clinical work, local cultural exchange, global health education outreach

Financial support:

Paid for by traveling volunteers

Faculty time allotted:

We don't have many schools that send faculty - our focus is on developing and training local staff and partners - we deliberately don't bring staff or professionals from the U.S. We do have a few schools though that are faculty led.

Administrative support:

We have global staff that oversee all of the operations and then over 120 staff members in country that live and work at our sites.



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