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University of Central Florida College of Medicine

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Months of Travel: July/August

Year Initiated: 2010

Total Yearly Outreach Participants: 49

Matriculants per class: 120

Medical School Involvement: M2, M4

Other participating professional schools:

UCF College of Nursing and Engineering, University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Faculty and staffing:

Faculty coverage from UCF Colleges of Medicine and Nursing, Faculty from UF College of Pharmacy, Engineering advisors from the community, community-based dental team, community physicians (Peds, ED, IM)

Application process:

Applications go out in February and require essays, good academic status and local community volunteer experience. Applicants selected by student board.

Program elements:

Interdisciplinary team with UCF developed EHR to maintain records provides care annually in the same communities and includes medical, dental, mental health support. Pretrip training in medical Spanish provided. Intense multicultural and EBM education also provided. Daily debriefs while on the trip. 4th year students participating receive academic credit. Post trip presentation

Financial support:

Medical student scholarships are available. Students fundraise for all supplies. Faculty travel is supported by UCF COM.

Faculty time allotted:

UCF Faculty time considered working time and does not use annual leave. Other volunteers must use annual leave.

Administrative support:

Administrative coordinator helps part-time with travel arrangements-especially air travel.





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