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    Team fEMR 3 years ago

    We are eager to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think about this website, the survey, or fEMR.

    If you would like to leave anonymous feedback about fEMR itself, please login to our demo

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    Cheryl Neuner 8 months ago

    It is my understanding that you work with Gina Goss and the Prisma Health Forensic Nurse Examiner Program in Columbia, SC.  We are planning a Forensic Nurse Examiner Program in another region of SC and I was interested in speaking with someone regarding the systems capabilities, costs, etc.  I am especially interested in being able to securely store forensic photographs.

    Thanks, Cheryl Neuner



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    Jewess00 5 days ago

    I am glad to read this article. google

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